Amendment of Public Holiday in Johor – A comment

25 Nov

Recently, His Highness Sultan Of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar  has announced the state’s rest days to Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday starting next year. To me, I do believe this is a good start to go. Majority of Johorean are Muslim and Friday is actually a big day for Muslim Worldwide. […]

Only in M’sia

17 Nov

Rare. How to enter?

Perginya seorang pencinta

18 Sep

Telah pergi meninggalkan kita seorang tokoh ulama nusantara. Al-habib Munzir Musawa. Tokoh ulama besar dari negeri seberang, Indonesia. Pada tanggal 15 september yang lalu, Al-habib mendahului kita untuk menghadap rabbul Jalil. Al-habib munzir merupakan salah seorang tokoh ulama yang dekat dengan hati saya. Saya sering.mengikuti tausiyah dan pernah menghadiri majlis tausiyah Al-habib dua kali ketika […]

No longer single

13 Sep

  “Maka berkahwinlah dengan sesiapa yang kamu berkenan dari perempuan-perempuan lain dua, tiga atau empat. Kemudian jika kamu bimbang tidak akan berlaku adil( di antara isteri-isteri kamu) maka berkahwinlah dengan seorang sahaja”. ( Surah An – Nisaa’ – Ayat3)   Sabda Rasul S.A.W : ” Nikah itu adalah sunnahku, maka sesiapa yang benci sunnahku maka sesungguhnya […]

Hello Leekohone

31 Dec

Hello!! Testing, bloggin using leekhonee-gonme from fedora. — Alifazman, 30th, Dec 2012.

Handling ip address blacklisting issue on cPanel based server.

23 Dec

Handling a server sometime could cause haywire to administrators. Not because of the system, sometimes it’s caused by the user behaviour. It became more challenging when it’s a shared server. Shared server basically a server which being share by number of users. That’s wht it called “shared”. While dedicated server will be use by a […]

Mybookworld dead.

23 Dec

Thinking to have a cloud storage for my home. Luckily the data could be salvage+still under warranty. Cloud is the way to go. I wish the infrastructure cost of internet in Malaysia could be more addordable. That will boost up the cloud trend in malaysia.

My Fedora 17 x86_64 Dell Inspiron 14z Setup

29 Sep

Recently I’ve bought a new notebook to replace my dead CQ40. Well, I’m craving for a macbook pro with retina display, however I’ve to admit, I’m not yet that level (financially) to own a macbook haha. I bought new Dell Inspiron 14Z at MYR1550.00. It come with ubuntu pre-installed. Since I’m a fedora user for […]

MyCQ40 is dead :-(

19 Sep

Recently my laptop, compaq CQ-40 encounter motherboad chipset issue. It cost around MYR400 to get it fixed. I’ve decided not to fix this anymore since I invest a lot of maintainance for the laptop. So perhpas, when the time is right, I’ll get a new one. Perhaps the one that I’m craving for??? hahaha..   […]

Hari Raya books..

17 Aug

Boughtwhile waiting for buka puasa time at Popular Bookstore, paradigm mall. Eid Mubarak to all Muslim 🙂