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27 Feb

StartSSL offering free SSL for public. However, the limitation is now by wildcard and subdomain only. For single domain name SSL, we have to purchase for it. But, I believe that’s better than nothing. At least it can be use for academic research or for Student final year project.  

Setting up environment to start android development

7 Dec

Step 1: Download latest eclipse (I’m using Linux platform,64 Bit). Download from: Step 2: Install eclipse IDE Step 3: Install ADT (Android Development Tools)  in eclipse. Step 4: Environment Ready!!.

Web form SMTP authentication with PHPmailer

11 Dec

Information collection is important especially when you need some info from user through the web. Most common interaction is a “Contact” form through website. If you subscribe to a webhosting service, normally webhosting provider will equip you with capabilities to send mail through form. However, you most likely have to authenticate as a valid email […]

Joomla!! Vulnerability Scanning with Joomscan

19 Jun

WARNING!!! This should be use for academical purpose only. It is Sunday, suddenly I feel sooo boring (even tough a lot of thing I can do eg: Sleep ). I would like to share how to check for possible vulnerabalities for your Joomla!! based website, using one of tools that listed in OWASP project. The project […]

Drupal – Broken Image after migrate to new server : Solved

18 Jun

Few days back, I’ve done some account migration for my clients. One of the server is going to take down. However, once transferred I noticed that the image on the page can’t be loaded. Symlink seems not working correctly. Drupal community post suggested it could be from Apache mod_rewrite that wasn’t enabled. Unfortunately, it’s enabled.I […]

Ruby on Rails and me.

13 Mar

Ruby on Rails is quite a newcomers if compared from PHP . PHP is super senior of Rails. Rails is a programming language that claimed can save your time to code because it came with a framework. Visit here for your exploration to ruby on rails. I used to  exploring Ruby on Rails. But the […]