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Printer Sharing (Brother DCPJ125) on Ubuntu Linux

2 Dec

Recently our company has decided to partial upgrade office computer system to replace 4/5 years Intel Pentium 4. We decided to purhased few unit of Acer Aspire X-100 pc which we believe able to serve the user just nice. However, that is not what happening. With even a browser open doing nothing, the cpu processing […]

Record your daily expense with Expense Manager

27 Nov

I discovered this software while I’m finding the ideal way to record all my daily finance (Every single cents, from groceries, medical, insurance, credit card, and etc.) I used to try practice to record in a book and transfer it to excel last time. But I realise, it’s hard to ensure myself to practice that […]

Only in M’sia

17 Nov

Rare. How to enter?

Perginya seorang pencinta

18 Sep

Telah pergi meninggalkan kita seorang tokoh ulama nusantara. Al-habib Munzir Musawa. Tokoh ulama besar dari negeri seberang, Indonesia. Pada tanggal 15 september yang lalu, Al-habib mendahului kita untuk menghadap rabbul Jalil. Al-habib munzir merupakan salah seorang tokoh ulama yang dekat dengan hati saya. Saya sering.mengikuti tausiyah dan pernah menghadiri majlis tausiyah Al-habib dua kali ketika […]

No longer single

13 Sep

  “Maka berkahwinlah dengan sesiapa yang kamu berkenan dari perempuan-perempuan lain dua, tiga atau empat. Kemudian jika kamu bimbang tidak akan berlaku adil( di antara isteri-isteri kamu) maka berkahwinlah dengan seorang sahaja”. ( Surah An – Nisaa’ – Ayat3)   Sabda Rasul S.A.W : ” Nikah itu adalah sunnahku, maka sesiapa yang benci sunnahku maka sesungguhnya […]

MyCQ40 is dead :-(

19 Sep

Recently my laptop, compaq CQ-40 encounter motherboad chipset issue. It cost around MYR400 to get it fixed. I’ve decided not to fix this anymore since I invest a lot of maintainance for the laptop. So perhpas, when the time is right, I’ll get a new one. Perhaps the one that I’m craving for??? hahaha..   […]

Hello android….

29 Jun

My pending to study list is android basic programming. What to do? Sooo many thing que in my head…. 🙂

IPV6 + DnsSec Training 2012

23 Jun

Last few weeks, i attended a sponsored training by domain registry Malaysia(MyNic Berhad). My company is a authorized reseller of MyNic berhad (Mynic is the one who responsible on the dotMy extension in Malaysia). Day 1 First day was exciting for me, since it explain how to implement IPV6 on your dns server. However the […]

Drupal – Broken Image after migrate to new server : Solved

18 Jun

Few days back, I’ve done some account migration for my clients. One of the server is going to take down. However, once transferred I noticed that the image on the page can’t be loaded. Symlink seems not working correctly. Drupal community post suggested it could be from Apache mod_rewrite that wasn’t enabled. Unfortunately, it’s enabled.I […]

Assistant Admin, System Admin Vacancies.

5 Apr

A client sent me a mail, for below position enquiries. So, I just share it. Organization : French School Kuala Lumpur Website : Details : Download Attachment