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Vulnerabalities SMTP helo without athentication

18 Oct

I would like to highlight a case study where recently I learned that most of mailserver especially based on exim have no SMTP verification for the HELO/EHLO request on the default port (25) by default. Case: A spammer can simply telnet to the target mailserver of certain domain and sending email as a valid user […]

Crashplan Backup Solution

26 Feb

  Recently I’m trying to review backup solution for my office. And of course I’ll go for FREE solution since backup solution out there is quite not cost effective with size of rganization that I work for. Introduced by my Operation manager, I’m testing that on my own Laptop to a VM that I set […]

Utilizing the abandoned..

26 Nov

Early this year, our company decided to retiring few servers. One of it is an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU¬†server: This to allow a brand new server taking place in the rack at our datacenter, AIMS KL. And for sure, to serve our customer with carrier grade server. Therfore, I decided to convert that 2u server […]

Handling ip address blacklisting issue on cPanel based server.

23 Dec

Handling a server sometime could cause haywire to administrators. Not because of the system, sometimes it’s caused by the user behaviour. It became more challenging when it’s a shared server. Shared server basically a server which being share by number of users. That’s wht it called “shared”. While dedicated server will be use by a […]

Enable Port in Windows Firewall

20 Sep

Last time, I tried to setup a windows mail server. I manage to sent out, but failed to get any mail incoming. While I’m pulling my hair , then, I just realized, I forgot to enable port for incoming mail!! Ah.ha. (Don’t become like me). Notes: Below example was run under testing environment, using my […]

Malware hunting tips (Linux based server)

17 Sep

Sometimes, in a very rare case, your website might be infected or injected with a bad code@malware. If such case happen to you, (It happened to me few times since I’m very lazy to update myown blog cms patches,update and etc. haha) here is some tools that I can suggest to “hunt” for bad code. […]

Bug (Fixed) : Network Manager can’t start Fedora15

31 May

I’ve upgraded my Laptop to fedora15 from FC14. The current release name was LoveLock. I upgraded them last saturday. However, yesterday I faced an error which network manager can’t start. it has something error “The system network services are not compatible with this version”. However I still manage to connect to network via CLI. Digging […]

Cloud Linux – A new beginning

30 Apr

Cloud Linux is a an Operating System which base on Red Hat Family OS. It’s claimed designed intentionally to keep web server performance. Let say if there is one process spiking the process of a webserver, it would not take down the whole server performance. This is a cool OS for a hosting industries. I […]

SolusVM – Virtualization

4 Apr

SolusVM is a software that manage a virtual server. It’s quite a powerful software for virtualization. Just want to share how it’s working this time. Once you purchase license, you will need at least two (2) server to run this nice virtualization. One to control all the Slave node Which we call as Master Node […]

Redirecting www and without www to Google Apps

29 Mar

Google do provide free Google Apps with limited features and support. There is a lot of Google Fans out there which use this service for their organization/personal use included Google Sites service. ( I’m one of them). However, Google did not support naked domain name (without WWW) point to their Google Apps. Quite a lot […]