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Book Review – Everyday a Friday

6 Dec

Osteen is a Pastor at Lakewood Church, United States. He conducted his sermon every Sunday at the giant lakewood church which used to be old compaq data center. Being a Muslim doesn’t mean it’s forbidded to listen and read from Christians or from other faith. As long it’s in term of knowledge, nothing is wrong. […]

Hari Raya books..

17 Aug

Boughtwhile waiting for buka puasa time at Popular Bookstore, paradigm mall. Eid Mubarak to all Muslim 🙂

Gong Xi Fa Cai books

24 Jan

Recently Government announced Free Voucher for IPT students worth MYR200. Here it is. I claimed them!! haha. MYR 150 spent and I have MYR50 voucher left.  Share with you some books that I bought recently. (Only Tun Mahathir’s book bought using that voucher lol). Anyway Gong Xi Fa Cai to all M’sian.  1 M’sia Voucher. […]

Book Review : A world Without Islam

12 Dec

Title A World Without Islam Price RM63.9 Source MPH Online My Rating  This book title sound very controversial. Without reading through this book, people will assume this book is about anti- Islam and suggest it will be great if Islam never existed in this world. However, once I read through this book, it’s suggest the […]

~My book of this month~

23 Apr

This books might sounds too materialistic. However, after I read this book, it’s a nice book for financial planning base on Islamic Finance Principle. The writer Hajah Rohani Dato’ Ahmad Shahir, have a very broad experience in finance consultation has given a very simple and easy to practice advice through this book. The very nice […]

Hacking Exposed 6

26 Mar

Bought @ Kinokuniya Online Store last January. As a summary, I can say it’s a GOOD BOOK. It show the frame on security attack and defense. I haven’t master all the topic yet. But it’s really a nice book to grab.  

What I Believe (Tariq Ramadhan)

13 Oct

Bought at Kinokuniya bookstore (online).Admire this man. Such a great knowledge and a defender of Islam in the western country.He had debate with many orientalist, politician (western) regarding Muslim right in the western country. Must have this book.!!!!

Agile Web Development With Rails

23 Jan

I’m trying to program in other language that PHP.So, I choose rails. Since I am more keen to web development,rails will be my next programming language to be master.So,I google and search for a book.(I like to learn from books rather than Internet). Title Agile Web Development With Rails Price MYR 153 included with MYR8(shipping) […]

Fiqh Taharah

22 Jan

Book Title Fiqh Taharah Author Al-Imam Wasatiyah :Prof.Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi

Practical PHP and MySQL

2 Jan

Title Practical PHP and MySQL Price MYR 117.00 Bought at MPH Bookstore Midvalley Comment Hands on book.I have tried most of the project.It’s simple and undestandable.But some of the project are not working with minor error