Crashplan Backup Solution

26 Feb



Recently I’m trying to review backup solution for my office. And of course I’ll go for FREE solution since backup solution out there is quite not cost effective with size of rganization that I work for.

Introduced by my Operation manager, I’m testing that on my own Laptop to a VM that I set up in our office. What does CrashPlan have to offer?

1. FREE backup from machine to machine. Just install crashplan in both machine. Set one to be destination backup and you’re done.

2. Easy user interface To me, the UI is clean and nice. And not too complicated like bacula or other backup solution i’ve ever tested.

3. Backup report. It’s awesome when we can receive a backup report status of the machine. With this, we can now which machine is not being backup. You can set the alarm notice your self.

Happy Crashplanning!!

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