Book Review – Everyday a Friday

6 Dec

Everyday is friday

Everyday is friday

Osteen is a Pastor at Lakewood Church, United States. He conducted his sermon every Sunday at the giant lakewood church which used to be old compaq data center.

Being a Muslim doesn’t mean it’s forbidded to listen and read from Christians or from other faith. As long it’s in term of knowledge, nothing is wrong. Allah said in the Quran:
“All the knowledge is coming from Allah”..

It’s almost a year I’ve owned this book and it is listed in my favourite book list so far.

Interesting way of motivation session

Pastor osteen always started his sermon with something funny. It makes his audience not to feel to formal in his church.

While from his book, it’s actually a compilation of his presented sermon. The way he relate daily human problem within bible context is amazing. Talking about prophet david, moses, and of course Jesus P.BU.H.

This book sometime give me the way out of my problem by teaching us how to be happy. Well from my observation…..

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