Printer Sharing (Brother DCPJ125) on Ubuntu Linux

2 Dec


Recently our company has decided to partial upgrade office computer system to replace 4/5 years Intel Pentium 4.

We decided to purhased few unit of Acer Aspire X-100 pc which we believe able to serve the user just nice. However, that is not what happening. With even a browser open doing nothing, the cpu processing reach up to 94%. This caused lagging performance while doing even word processing. The system come with pre-installed windows 8.

Therefore, I decided to replaced one of it with the wonderful Linux distro, Ubuntu.(I’m a fedora Linux user but I’m suggesting Ubuntu for newbie Linux user).


Now come the major concern. That user PC was previously act as printer server(shared via network) due to strategic location of that PC in the office.

My concern as following:
1. The printer driver for Linux.
2. Challanges of sharing the printer among 98% percent of Windows user.

Will share how I overcome that in my next post.

Allahu Alam.

Alif Azman
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