Record your daily expense with Expense Manager

27 Nov


I discovered this software while I’m finding the ideal way to record all my daily finance (Every single cents, from groceries, medical, insurance, credit card, and etc.) I used to try practice to record in a book and transfer it to excel last time. But I realise, it’s hard to ensure myself to practice that daily evey night before I go to bed.

So, I’ve decided to go for this software while browsing from Play Store. I’ve been using this for almost 3 month and I found that I like it. Each time I spend, I earn, I’ll record it in this sofware. It also have  a feature where we can export to excel spreadsheet which I love the most.

Some screenshot for viewer reference:

wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-26-11-08-04.pngExpenses Summary (Payment Method)


Add new expenses

Enjoy your expense recording!!

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