My Fedora 17 x86_64 Dell Inspiron 14z Setup

29 Sep

Recently I’ve bought a new notebook to replace my dead CQ40. Well, I’m craving for a macbook pro with retina display, however I’ve to admit, I’m not yet that level (financially) to own a macbook haha.

I bought new Dell Inspiron 14Z at MYR1550.00. It come with ubuntu pre-installed. Since I’m a fedora user for quite few years, ubuntu environment with default unity desktop environment can’t suite my soul. I decided to stick with my favourite OS. Fedora!!.

Last version of fedora I used is fedora15. It’s time to experience new realased, fedora17. To be honest, it’s a first time for me to use a 64bit fedora OS. I’ve been used 32bit OS before since my processor last time is 32bit based.

New laptop that will help me for my daily task.

Driver Issue

As usual, as a fedora user, it’s a very exciting experience. It require you to dive yourself (it’s a good experience for me). Both of my NIC is not detecting by fedora. Google help me to solve that. Here is some step to share.

Listing driver

[alifazman@myfedora ~]$ lspci
00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation Panther Point SMBus Controller (rev 04) 07:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Device 0887 (rev c4)
09:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Device 1090 (rev 10)

Above command is to list all device available on your system in linux. I’m only interested to know what is my driver details eg : Model/version. Next step is to install driver for wireless. as you can see my driver is intel NIC. If you are using the same as mine, you may download here.

install it :

rpm -ivh iwl2030-firmware-

Reboot to see the changes and it should activate your wireless card.
Atheros ethernet controller.

Prepare your fedora with some dependencies needed :

yum update kernel kernel-headers kernel-devel gcc

Download the driver here. And begin to compile!!
Compiling the driver:

./scripts/driver-select alx
sudo make install
sudo modprobe alx

Reboot and done!!. Enjoy your fedora !!

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  1. kj December 12, 2012 at %I:%M %p #

    Your atheros/alx driver file is corrupt/not complete. Pls check. Tqvm.

  2. Alif Azman December 23, 2012 at %I:%M %p #

    I’ve tested and it’s working fine. Do you mind to share with me any error details?

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