Blogging again after soo long.

14 Feb

Hi, I’m back, again. Blogging again after soo long.   TEST  

Vulnerabalities SMTP helo without athentication

18 Oct

I would like to highlight a case study where recently I learned that most of mailserver especially based on exim have no SMTP verification for the HELO/EHLO request on the default port (25) by default. Case: A spammer can simply telnet to the target mailserver of certain domain and sending email as a valid user […]


27 Feb

StartSSL offering free SSL for public. However, the limitation is now by wildcard and subdomain only. For single domain name SSL, we have to purchase for it. But, I believe that’s better than nothing. At least it can be use for academic research or for Student final year project.  

Crashplan Backup Solution

26 Feb

  Recently I’m trying to review backup solution for my office. And of course I’ll go for FREE solution since backup solution out there is quite not cost effective with size of rganization that I work for. Introduced by my Operation manager, I’m testing that on my own Laptop to a VM that I set […]

Setting up environment to start android development

7 Dec

Step 1: Download latest eclipse (I’m using Linux platform,64 Bit). Download from: Step 2: Install eclipse IDE Step 3: Install ADT (Android Development Tools)  in eclipse. Step 4: Environment Ready!!.

Book Review – Everyday a Friday

6 Dec

Osteen is a Pastor at Lakewood Church, United States. He conducted his sermon every Sunday at the giant lakewood church which used to be old compaq data center. Being a Muslim doesn’t mean it’s forbidded to listen and read from Christians or from other faith. As long it’s in term of knowledge, nothing is wrong. […]

Printer Sharing (Brother DCPJ125) on Ubuntu Linux

2 Dec

Recently our company has decided to partial upgrade office computer system to replace 4/5 years Intel Pentium 4. We decided to purhased few unit of Acer Aspire X-100 pc which we believe able to serve the user just nice. However, that is not what happening. With even a browser open doing nothing, the cpu processing […]

Buah bersalut lilin (wax)

1 Dec

Saya telah membeli sedikit buah-buahan di pasar malam beberapa minggu lepas. Isteri saya memberitahu kepada saya bahawa epal yang telah saya beli mempunyai tompokan putih yang pelik di atasnya. Setelah diteliti bahawa ianya disaluti dengan lilin. Ianya mungkin dilakukan oleh peniaga untuk menampakkan buah buahan lebih cantik berkilat. Pengajaranya, telitilah makanan yang anda dapatkan di […]

Record your daily expense with Expense Manager

27 Nov

I discovered this software while I’m finding the ideal way to record all my daily finance (Every single cents, from groceries, medical, insurance, credit card, and etc.) I used to try practice to record in a book and transfer it to excel last time. But I realise, it’s hard to ensure myself to practice that […]

Utilizing the abandoned..

26 Nov

Early this year, our company decided to retiring few servers. One of it is an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU server: This to allow a brand new server taking place in the rack at our datacenter, AIMS KL. And for sure, to serve our customer with carrier grade server. Therfore, I decided to convert that 2u server […]